History of the Mornington Clay Target Club


The Club was originally founded in 1972 by 4 keen shooters they were: Sonny Cross, Jack Ferrero, T. Johsef & Tony Ferlazzo on Tony Ferlazzo's property in Dromana. Back in those days the trap house was bought out on a 6x4 trailer and the trailer was just left there with the trap mounted to it and the trap house. It was enough to get the club started and in 1974 they were given some land by South East Water on Craigie Rd, not where the club is located today!

A few of these faces are still shooting with us today and sadly some have passed.


As housing approached the gun club the water board thought it would be a better idea if we were moved more towards the Mornington Peninsula Freeway, the club was rebuilt in 1989 and opened in 1990 and lasted the test of time to 2016 until its had a huge upgrade. The grounds are pristine and the club is run with pride and will remain that way into its future.

The Club still sits on the same foot print today!





Wendy Roberts doing her thing in the Kitchen.

Tony Ferlazzo - Brad Johnston - Len Heywood early 90s

Warren Roberts sporting a Healthy Head of Hair. Warren still visits the club today in 2019




And here it is today still going strong almost 50 yrs later