All Beginners are permitted to fire single barrel only. And must be supervised by one of our club officials not just a licensed shooter.


We open our club to the public every Friday evening from 4-7pm (daylight permitting)(come and try area 4-6pm) and, contrary to common belief, you do NOT require a licence or membership to try / learn to shoot clay targets. You don’t even need to book – just turn up. The Mornington Clay Target Club welcomes new shooters aged 12-and-over to come along and have a go at clay target shooting. Those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Our practice and introduction sessions are held every Friday evening except Good Friday and other inconvenient dates (see the front page of the website under Important Notices). The purpose of these evenings is for current members to hone their skills before the upcoming weekend’s competitions, as well as for new shooters to come along and try the sport. On Friday evenings, the Mornington Clay Target Club will provide all of the equipment necessary to those learning to shoot (under the strictest of supervision). We have several firearms set aside for the specific purpose of teaching new shooters who are yet to purchase the necessary equipment. Sorry would-be thieves, but these guns are not stored at the club.

The Mornington Clay Target Club has more than ample experienced shooters willing to give up their time on Friday evenings and assist new shooters with entry into the sport.

Juniors (between the ages of 12 & 18) are particularly encouraged to participate, however they must be accompanied to the club by a parent or guardian. We go to a lot of effort to makes juniors welcome so please don’t hesitate to bring your young ones along. On Friday nights, we will usually set up a whole trap layout solely for the juniors (ie. it throws easier targets). One or several experienced shooters will also be at the trap to guide the juniors through the process. Parents & guardians, please be aware that if we cannot verify the age of your child / ward then they will not be permitted to participate and you must accompany your child if under 18 yrs of age.


It is a common, and incorrect, myth that one must have a firearms licence to learn to shoot clay targets. New shooters are in fact welcome to simply turn up on a Friday afternoons even without licences and/or club memberships. New shooters will however be asked to (a) sign the visitors book, and (b) verify their age to a senior member of the club if they are a young teenager. Unlicensed shooters are allowed a maximum of three (3) practice sessions before a shooting licence is required.

Simply turn up to the club, head into the club house and let whoever is behind the desk (normally Russell) that you’d like to try clay target shooting. By law, only persons over the age of 12 are able to participate in clay target shooting, and you will be pointed in the direction of our supervised beginners area.

SUITABLE FOOTWEAR MUST BE WORN - Thongs will not be permitted when shooting. Toes must be covered and footwear sturdy.


The cost of practice shooting (and of learning to shoot also) is $30 Per Round this includes 25 tgts, shells & gun hire if you choose to do a 2nd round you will have to pay gun hire again. You will only be permitted to buy 1 round at a time. To allow us to get more shooters through the beginner hill and give more a go at the sport. Please note, MCTC only permits the use of Steel Shot on the grounds as of 1st March 2013. Lead is not permitted.

We usually hold a BBQ after shooting has ceased so even if you’re not directly involved in the shooting turn up, have a sausage & drink and enjoy the company.

By law, all shooters must:


have a 0.00 blood alcohol level to operate a firearm, and


not be under the influence of prohibited drugs, and


not be under the influence of prescription drugs for psychological purposes, and


be of sound mind and body (manageable physical disabilities are acceptable), and


not have a criminal record related to violence or firearm offences, and


not suffer from a medical condition, such as epilepsy or acute hypotension, which may lead to a temporary loss of consciousness and / or control.

If the Mornington Clay Target Club so much as suspects that a new (or even current) shooter does not satisfy ANY of the criteria above, he / she will not be permitted to participate and may be asked to leave the club grounds.