Junior Mornington Members will pay no noms on competition days.


2018 Memberships expire Midnight Dec 31st 2018


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Click here for the  VSCA sporting clays Membership site ( Sporting Memberships can only be paid online.)

If your stuck with processing your Sporting Membership online please take a look at the steps below.


It’s quite simple, but sit quietly, relax, take a deep breath and do not panic.

Step 1: Google Sporting Clays Australia. Or Click on the Link above which will take you directly to their website.

Step 2: Select: Sporting Clays Australia/Premier Sporting Clays Association.

Step 3: Place the cursor over Membership and select ‘Vic Membership’

Step 4: Scroll down to ‘For more information’

Step 5: Scroll down to VIC MORNINGTON (CLAY TARGET WITHIN SQUARE) and click on the square

Step 6: Services: Click which Membership services best suits you?

Step 7: Select the appropriate choice and enter. I.e ‘Vic Membership Open’

Step 8: ‘Create a login to Check Out’ will appear

Step 9: Fill in the ‘New to our site’ with the details required and click next.

Step 10: Now fill in your personal details on click create account.

Step 11. Proceed to the check out

Congratulations on being the newest member of Mornington and of Sporting Clays Australia…..Welcome!




- The MCTC will be accepting 2019 ACTA renewals and new memberships from November 1st, 2018.


In order to participate in competition shooting, there are three things you need. These are:

[1] a firearms licence (obviously), and

[2] insurance which is absolutely mandatory, and

[3] affiliation with the ACTA and/or VSCA if you wish to participate in those competitions.


The Mornington Clay Target Club offers affiliation with both the Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA) and the Victorian Sporting Clays Association (VSCA). The most common form of membership is to be a MCTC club member with an affiliation to one of these associations (ACTA for down-the-line, and VSCA for sporting clays). Very few shooters have / need an affiliation with both. You cannot be affiliated with the ACTA / VSCA without also having a club membership.


Keep in mind too that many shooters who shoot at the Mornington Clay Target Club are not members of our club in any sense but instead hold full ACTA / VSCA memberships with other clubs. This is accepted practice. If it weren’t, you’d never be able to travel and compete in other clubs’ events which would destroy the sport of clay target shooting in Australia.


Some shooters also choose to be members of more than one clay target club. If you are already a member of another club for registration and insurance purposes, and you still wish to join the MCTC, you can get yourself a ‘club only’ membership. There’s neither need nor point in holding a full ACTA / VSCA membership with two different clubs. However, if you want a say in how the MCTC is run we’ll only listen to you if you hold some sort of membership with us.


If you don’t wish to shoot competition however, you can obtain a club membership with the MCTC without affiliation to either the ACTA / VSCA. We call this a ‘club only membership’, however you will still require insurance. Whilst this option is significantly cheaper, shooters will not be able to formally compete in either ACTA or VSCA sanctioned shoots (which covers almost every competitive shoot we hold). If you choose this path you can still shoot at all of our practice sessions though (ie.Fridays) .


Obtaining a firearms licence can be a convoluted and time-intensive process if you go about it in the wrong way. This page intends to inform you about how to ease the process of obtaining a firearms licence. If you have any trouble filling in any of the forms, please bring them along to Friday night practice at the club (4pm – 7pm) and we’ll happily give you a hand.


The whole process from Step 1 to Step 7 usually takes about two months AT THE LEAST.


Step 1:

You’ll need to download the correct licence application form and fill it in. For clay target shooting it is generally easiest if you obtain a Class A longarms licence. If you require (or already have) a semi-automatic shotgun you will need a Class C longarms licence. You may download the aforementioned forms from the Victoria Police website by clicking on the following link: Victoria Police Firearm Licence Applications

Step 2:

At the same time as completing your Firearm Licence Application, you could also complete the Application for a Permit to acquire a Longarm form by clicking this link (the document is in the right-hand margin of the Victoria Police webpage). Do this if you intend on purchasing a firearm in the near future.


On the basis that you are able to satisfy all of the requirements in both of the forms in Steps 1 & 2, you should proceed with the following:


Step 3:

If you do not have any other genuine reason for obtaining a firearm licence, you’ll need to become a member at your local clay target club. The membership forms for clay target clubs usually require you to enter your firearm licence number, however as you won’t have this as yet the club secretary will simply leave it blank. Don’t worry - this is normal procedure.

Step 4:

Complete the Longarms Safety Course which is run by the Victoria Police. There can be long waiting periods for this course so organise this as soon as possible (ie. during Step 1). You will need to contact your District Firearms Officer (DFO) to organise this. If you’re willing to travel, the Flinders St police headquarters (Melbourne CBD) is probably the fastest and easiest course to get into.

Step 5:

Submit all of your forms.

Step 6:

Sit back and wait. Your application will sit for a minimum of 30 days on a public servant’s desk until they even bother to look at it. This is the cooling-off period which doesn’t need to be explained. On the basis that all goes well, you’ll receive your licence approval not long after the waiting period has expired. If you’re lucky, your permit to acquire a firearm will also come through at roughly the same time (which would have taken an additional 30 days otherwise).


NOTE: an approved Firearm Licence Application is NOT a licence - see Step 7.

Step 7:

You’ll need to head down to VicRoads (or another authorised office) WITHIN the specified timeframe to have your photo taken and obtain your licence. Whatever you do, DO NOT MISS this timeframe because if you do … it’s back to Step 5.


Some commonly asked questions are answered below. If you have any others, please click on the Contact Us link at the bottom left of this page.


Do I need to obtain a firearms licence or club membership if I only want to try the sport?

NO. If you only intend on trying the sport on our shooting grounds there’s no need for you to obtain either. You must however be accompanied by a licensed shooter whilst in control of a firearm. For insurance reasons, new shooters cannot shoot on our club grounds more than three times without having both a firearms licence and at least a club membership.


Are there other ‘Genuine Reasons’ which will allow me to get my licence?

YES. Whilst clay target shooting is one genuine reason for which you may need a firearm licence, there are other categories which accommodate those people who wish to, for example, go hunting or who are primary producers. These categories and their requirements are outlined quite clearly in the Firearm Licence Application forms.


Can I fill in my ‘Application for a Permit to acquire a Firearm’ form later on?

YES. The first time you apply to acquire a firearm carries with it a 28 day waiting period. This is why we suggest you submit this form with your licence application – so that both waiting periods burn off simultaneously. However if you wish to submit this form later on, you’re welcome to do so.


I already have a criminal record. Does this mean I can’t obtain a firearms licence?

NOT NECESSARILY. If you fit into this category it’d be best for you to ask the Police Firearms Licensing Division before you go wasting a bucket of your time with the licensing process. The Police will undertake a background check on you anyway which is a normal part of the licensing procedure. It’s for this reason that you should be honest and upfront when filling out the licence application form – lie to the Police and the chance of you getting your licence will be next to nil. Only some types of criminal records will exclude you from obtaining a licence – it’s at the discretion of the Police as to whether granting you a licence would be likely to pose a danger to the public.


Can I purchase / organise to purchase a firearm before I obtain my permit to acquire?

YES. Not having a permit to acquire a firearm simply means you cannot take possession of the firearm. If you wish to take the risk and pay for it before hand then do this at your own risk. You can still go to a gun shop or dealer, get yourself fitted up and have them hold the firearm until your permit comes through.


What are the storage requirements for my firearm(s)?

The storage requirements for firearms are outlined very clearly in the licence application forms (follow the link in Step 1).