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2018 has been run and won! well done Jason Barclay (FANGS)


The Barry Brookes Club Championship 2017




2017 Barry Brookes Sporting Club Champion

2017 saw the introduction of some small modifications to the Barry Brookes Championship as well as the addition of Grade Champions.
The key element of the Championship remains that financial members of MCTC must shoot a minimum of 8 competitions in order to qualify and the score total for the year is the best 8 scores shot.
A close result saw Bryce Paglia take out the Championship with 615 targets.
The runner-up was Jason Barclay very close behind on 611 targets.
Congratulations Bryce.
The Grade Champions were awarded to a shooter who scored the highest amount of targets shot from their best 8 competitions. The shooter was only eligible in the highest grade shot for the year.
The winners are:

AA - Jason Barclay 611. Runner up Chris Street 593
A - Phil Evans 586. Runner up Shaun Martin 585
B - John Kamaris 517. Runner up Dave Keeling 500
C - Terry Preston Snr 400
V - Dead heat Rick Bomer and Warwick Cumberland 582
J - Ty Cull 149

The Club was very pleased to have Aaron Brookes, also a MCTC member, present to present the awards.
Congratulations to all






The Mornington Clay Target Club Sporting Championship is a competition for MCTC members that runs over the shooting year and recognises the performances of sporting shooters at club events.
The competition is awarded to a MCTC shooter who scores the most clays broken in their best of a minimum of eight (8) Mornington competition shoots.
Each year, the Club Champion will have their name included on the Club Champion’s plaque and will receive an appropriate prize as determined by the MCTC Committee.
An updated tally of shooters’ scores will be posted on the club web page.
Criteria & Qualification:
 Shooters must be fully paid members of the MCTC and the SCA. Where a shooter becomes financial during the calendar year, only the scores shot whilst being a financial member will be counted, and
 Shooters must compete in a minimum of eight (8) competition shoots throughout the year. Scores from the best eight (8) will be counted toward the end of year tally, and
 Shooters must comply with the rules and regulations of the MCTC as determined by the MCTC Committee.
Grade Champions
In addition to the Barry Brookes Club Championship, there will also be awarded further grade Champions for Grades A, B, C Ladies, Veteran and Junior. An appropriate smaller award will be made for these grade champions.
Where a shooter competes in more than one grade over the calendar year, e.g. progresses to a higher grade, they can only be eligible for that higher grade regardless of when the targets were shot.
Ladies and Veterans may not change between grades or sections.
No shooter may be eligible for more than one award.
A full set of the Championship rules is available from the MCTC Committee. For further inquiries regarding the Championship please contact Bob Hutton.