Shoot Results 8.2.2020

50tgt Jack Ferrero Memorial DB / 25 pair Double Rise

Event 1: Jack Ferrero mmemorial 50db
Overall Olivia Comelli
AA Graham Reed, Daniel Cleary
A Olivia Comelli, John Taylor
B Bill Papargiris (Not in pic), Joanne Russell
C Ryan Shale, Ned Northover
25pr Double Rise
AA Stu Allen, Graham Reed
A Olivia Comelli, Dennis Comelli
B Mason Sugars, Steven Howlett
C Mark Zielezna, Ryan Shale



100tgt Sonny Cross Memorial
Overall Stuart Allen
AA Graham Reed, Daniel Cleary, Troy Grimes
A Phillip Lancaster, Lance Cazaly, David Allen
B George Sparey, Adam Russell, Ollie Zielezna
C Daniel Bennett, Ned Northover, Harry Johnston

Double Rise 10 pair Cash Divide
AA Mark Coleman
A Olivia Comelli
B Adam Russell

C Daniel Bennett


DTL XMAS SHOOT - DEC 14th 2019

Highgun / Overall AA P. Drennan
Graded Highguns AA Woody, A O. Comelli, B A. Monaco, C Jo Russell
20tgtDB - won on 27 Metres
Matt Howden (Werribee)
Ray Collins (M'gton)
Andrew Fiek (MCC)
Graham Reed (Burra)
Hecta (Cerb)
A Grade
Rod Lide (Mgton)
Jackson Marriott (Mgton)
Lance Cazaly (Mgton)
Roy 'O' Hagan (Mgton)
Neil Bakker (Mgton)
B Grade
George Sparey (Mgton)
Adam Monaco (Burra)
David Kent (Windthaggi)
Nigel Loughridge (Mgton)
Bianca Calvi (Fston)
C Grade
Ryan Shale (Mgton)
Joanne Russell (Burra)
Matt Williams (Mgton)
Hayden Jefferies (Burra)
Adam Smith (Mgton)
20tgt Single Barrel Won off 25m
AA Chris Carol (Cerb)
P. Drennan (Nepean)
John Keane (Fston)
Bill Preston (Werribee)
Matt Howden (Werribee)
A Grade
Rod Lide (Mgton)
Richard Howden (Werribee)
Neil Bakker (Mgton)
Rowan Foote (Burra)
Olivia Comelli (Mgton)
B Grade
George Sparey (Mgton)
Adam Monaco (Burra)
Norm Quick (Nepean)
Chris Ashton (Nepean)
Alister Gammaldi (Windthaggi)
C Grade
Matt Williams (Mgton)
Daniel Bennett (Mgton)
Ryan Shale (Mgton)
Harry Johnston (Mgton)
Peter Allen (Mgton)
20tgt Pointscore Won off 25m
AA Stu Allen (Windthaggi)
Travis Horsburgh (Werribee)
John Keane (Fston)
Barrie Webbley (Fston)
Woody (Fston)
A Grade
Olivia Comelli (Mgton)
Eric Mills (fston)
Phil Lancaster (Mgton)
Lance Cazaly (Mgton)
Wayne Neil (Mgton)
B Grade
Adam Monaco (Burra)
David Kent (Windthaggi)
Stan Sawyer (Mgton)
Alister Gammaldi (Windthaggi)
Thomas Mills (Fston)
C Grade
Joanne Russel(BUrra)
Adrian Damore (Mgton)
Peter Allen (Mgton)
Ryan Shale (Mgton)
Lou Larubina


Jack Ferrero 75tgt db


AA D. Cleary, A. Ferrari
A A. Galea, A. Kidd
B P. Gray, D. Shale
C D. Bennett, A. Kent


Mick Peck SB 50tgts / Tony Ferlazzo Continental Championship 50tgt


Overall events 1&2 John Taylor

Mick Peck Single Barrel 50tgts.
Overall Mark Z
AA Chris Carol, Daniel Saliba
A Mark Z, John Taylor
B Damian Shale, Jen Crabbe
C Shayne Wheelan, Daniel Bennett
Tony Ferlazzo Continental DB Championship 50tgt
Overall Cranky
AA Cranky, Trevor Johnston
A John Taylor, Phildo Lancaster
B Kevin Taylor, Brian Barlow
C Shayne Wheelan, Daniel Bennett


14th September 2019

Doubles Day

10 pair Double Rise Eye Opener Daniel Cleary.

20 pair Deauville Doubles 18m
1st A. Ferrari - Neil Bakker
2nd C. Carol - O. Zielezna

20 pair Deauville Triples 18m
1st Cranky - P. Lancaster
2nd J. Williams - R. Collins

Overalls 1st, 2nd & 3rd
1st Overall R. Collins - J. Williams
2nd Overall C. Frieberg - S. Allen
3rd Overall A. Ferrari - N. Bakker

100tgt db Sponsored by the Sugars & McCraith families.

10th August 2019

Raffle Winner Pecky
Overall Charlie Galea
AA Charlie Galea, David Macgregor, 3rd split G. Boyd/Darrel Williams
A Jasmyn Kent, Lance Cazaly, Phil Lancaster
B Brian Barlow, Mason Sugars, Kev Taylor
C John Robinson, Riley Sugars, Ollie Zielezna
Ladies Rachel Wiggins, Jen Crabbe, Tabitha Cunningham
Vets Chris Carol, Woody, Harry Johnston
Jnrs Carl Frieberg, Cooper Williams, Daniel Bennett



John Robinson

Mark Zielezna

Ollie Zielezna

Harry Johnston

Adam Russell


Overall Dan Cleary

AA Daniel Cleary, Hecta

A Charlie Cicciari, Phillip Lancaster

B Steven Howlett, John Butters

C Ollie Zielezna, Joanne Russell



Overall/AA K. Calder, Hecta, A. Fiek
A D. Allen, S. Ziegler, D. Comelli
B G. Sparey, J. Pannuzo, D. Shale
C S. Howlett, D. Grujica, H. Johnston
Sun jnrs Ollie Z, Danny B
Raffle Joanne Russell


The Teboneras Medal 11th May 2019

9 squads turned out to enjoy the day in average weather. Whats good to see is people supporting the shoot in memory of Spiros and the club. Thanks to Teboneras family for their sponsorship and ongoing support of MCTC.

Overall - Graham Reed
AA Gold G. Boyd, Silver S. Allen, Bronze Hecta
A Gold J. Taylor, Silver P. Lancaster, Bronze L. Cazaly
B Gold A. Russell, Silver T. Mills, Bronze G. Sparey
C Gold J. Robinson, Silver D. Grujica, Bronze S. Wheelan
Ladies J. Russell, J. Crabbe


April 13th 2019

Great day at the club today 12 squads turned up to have a go at

The Mornington Grand Hotel Pointscore! At the end Andrew Fiek walked away with the honours. Great Atmosphere.

Overall & AA A. Fiek, G. Reed, G. Boyd
A R. O'Hagan, L. Cazaly, D. Comelli
B J. Taylor, D. Shale, A. Jennings
C B. Papargiris, D. Bennett, S. Wheelan
Raffle Stan Sawyer


Len Heywood Balltrap event and the Continental Warren Roberts Pointscore.


50tgt Balltrap
AA A. Fiek 46/50
Overall & A K. Calder 49/50, Cranky 46/50
B G. Boyd 46/50, J. Williams 57/65
C D. Shale 49/55, T. Johnston 48/54
Warren Roberts 50tgt Continental Pointscore
AA S. Allen, D. Macgregor
A A. Galea, T. Loveridge
B J. Cross, D. Shale
C O. Zielezna, S. Howlett



Feb 9th 2019

45tgt Medley
AA Cranky, D. Macgregor
A T. Johnston, S. Cunningham
B A. Russell, T. Mills
C H. Johnston, J. Robinson
45tgt Pest Police DB
AA & Overall D. Macgregor, R. Collins
A T.Johnston, S. Cunningham
B A. Gamaldi, A. Russell
C J. Robinson, D. Bennett
Juniors L. Johnston




What a great day at Mornington for the first shoot of 2019! 70 shooters - Conditions Sun but Windy

Overall Winner Sonny Cross Memorial Andrew Brady

AA A. Brady, C. Carol, J. Marriott
A C. Cicciari, L. Cazaly, P. Lancaster
B M. Carr, M. Zielezna, J. Taylor
C O. Zielezna, P. Azzopardi, D. Grujica
Sub Juniors D. Bennett, A. Bradshaw, M. Allen


Saturday 8th December 2018

What a day over 100 shooters today at our xmas shoot. Cant thank the team enough!
Event 1: 20tgt db
AA 1st Bill Woodward
AA 2nd Cameron Trevitt
AA 3rd Ray Collins
AA 4th Andrew Fieky
AA 5th Gavin Boyd
A 1st George Sparey
A 2nd Wayne Neil
A 3rd Denis Comelli
A 4th Phil Lancaster
A 5th Rod Lide
B 1st Mark Zielezna
B 2nd Kim Lide
B 3rd Amy Kent
B 4th Jaz Kent
B 5th Stan Sawyer
C 1st John Robinson
C 2nd Manny Alaimo
C 3rd Andre Zoric
C 4th Angus Bradshaw
C 5th Shane Whelan

2nd event: 20tgt sb
AA 1st Hecta
AA 2nd Andrew Fiek
AA 3rd Mitch Collins
AA 4th Graham Reed
AA 5th Alan Keevers
A 1st Rowan Foote
A 2nd Andrew Galea
A 3rd Neil Bakker
A 4th Carl Frieberg
A 5th Jeff Bell
B 1st Nigel Loughridge
B 2nd John Taylor
B 3rd Jaz Kent
B 4th Harry Johnston
B 5th Damian Shale
C 1st Mark Venturini
C 2nd Andre Zoric
C 3rd Ryan Shale
C 4th Angus Bradshaw
C 5th Sheree Chaplin

Event 3: 20tgt ps
AA 1st Jackson Marriot
AA 2nd Cranky McCall
AA 3rd Gavin Boyd
AA 4th Graham Reed
AA 5th Barry Webley
A 1st Tiny Loveridge
A 2nd Phil Lancaster
A 3rd Denis Comelli
A 4th Carl Frieberg
A 5th Neil Bakker
B 1st Jaz Kent
B 2nd John Taylor
B 3rd Damian Shale
B 4th Peter Mac
B 5th Brian Barlow
C 1st Andre Zoric
C 2nd John Robinson
C 3rd Shane Whelan
C 4th Ryan Shale
C 5th Jen Crabbe

Sub Jnrs Category
Cody McCall
Logan Johnston
Daniel Bennett
Riley Cazaly
Shane Body
Matthew Allen

OVERALL grades
AA Graham Reed
A Andrew Galea
B John Taylor
C Andre Zoric
Sub J Cody McCall
Well done Phillip Lancaster on taking out the club championship over the year with Cranky Runner up.
Also Graham Reed taking the Overall Highgun.
Lucky winner of the winchester .243 rifle sponsored by Winchester Australia was Mark Wright
Id like to thanks the Grand Hotel Mornington for their loyal support and sponsorship of our Club Championship heading into its 6th year. And also the Lancasters who sponsored the hams for AB& C grade overalls.

Jack Ferrero 75tgt DB


AA D. Cross, Cranky, A. Ferrari
A and Overall D. Macgregor, D. Comelli, C. Cicciari
B A. Jennings, J. Taylor, D. Shale
C J. Robinson, Wombat, B. Waldron
Sub jnrs
R. Cazaly, D. Bennett, L. Johnston




Event 1: 50tgt Single Barrel
Overall & AA Graham Reed 50/50
AA 2nd Cranky 49/50, Hecta 63/65
A grade Dave Macgregor 47/50, Carl Frieberg 46/50, Al Kidd 44/50
B Grade John Taylor 48/50, Kevin Taylor 42/50, Damo Shale 43/52
C grade John Robinson 42/50, Antony Hirst 41/52, Jasmyn Kent 40/52
Sub juniors / Encouragement
1st Ollie Zielezna 39/50
Angus Bradshaw 31/50
Henry Hirst 30/50
50 tgt Tony Ferlazzo Continental DB
Overall and AA Tiny Troy Loveridge 50/50, Andrew Ferrari 50/52, Cam Trevitt 49/52
A grade Carl Frieberg 50/50, Neil Bakker 49/50, Rowan Foote 58/60
B Grade Hayley Turner 46/50, Trevor Johnston 45/50, Rob Cale 47/53
C grade Jasmyn Kent 48/50, John Robinson 46/53, Wombat 45/53
Sub Jnrs
1st Ollie Zielezna 43/50
Angus Bradshaw 40/50
Logan Johnston 30/50


Fantastic day and weather at the Donald McCraith 100db

Memorial shoot today. Sponsored by the Sugars and McCraith Family.

55 shooters turned out to enjoy the day.
Results are as follows
Overall Andrew Fiek
AA Graham Reed, Troy Loveridge, Cranky
A Jake Shale, Rowan Foote, David Macgregor
B Rob Collins, Kev Taylor, Andrew Galea
C Damo Shale, Riley Sugars, Wombat
Ladies Sheree Chaplin
Vets Chris Carol, Keith Calder
Jnrs Mason James, Carl Frieberg
Sub Jnr Ollie Zielezna
Raffle Tiz Zuchett.


August 11th 2018 Comp Results

40 shooters today tackled the elements at Mornington for Doubles Day.
1st event 10pair Double Rise Eye Opener - Dean Clark 18/20
2nd event 20 pair of Deauville doubles 1st Dean Clark / Lance Cazaly 22/22, 2nd Gavin Boyd / Mason James 21/22, 3rd Jackson Marriott / Rob Cale 25/26
3rd Event 30 Sets of Deauville Triples 1st Gavin Boyd / Mason James 90/93, 2nd Hecta / Chris Carol 87/93, Jackson Marriott / Rob Cale 84/90
1st Gavin Boyd / Mason James
2nd Hecta / Chris Carol
3rd Jackson Marriott / Rob Cale
Novelty Walk up Carl Frieberg.



14th JULY 2018

50db 25hc Sponsored by Winchester Australia.

It also included the Peninsula Triangle Results Round 1.
50tgt DB
AA Cranky 60/60, Andrew Fiek 59/60
A G. Boyd 66/67, D. Cunningham 65/67
B J. Taylor 50/51, Thomas Mills 49/51
C J. Robinson 47/50, Wombat 45/50
25tgt Handicap
1st Jasmyn Kent 24/25 (C15) from wonthaggi Gun club she also gained herself a metre.
2nd Charlie Cicciari (a19)
3rd John Taylor (a19)
4th Rod Lide (a19)
5th Rob Collins (b18)

Junior Front Markers
1st Ollie Zielezna
2nd (split) Cody McCall / Daniel Bennett
(Sponsored by J. Robinson & M. Zielezna )

Andrew Fiek 23/25 (aa23m)




9th June 2018

Overall Keith Calder
AA Keith Calder, Troy Grimes, Cam Trevitt
A John Taylor, John Grimes, Andrew Galea
B Mason Sugars, Stan Sawyer, Paul Gray
C John Robinson, Damian Shale, Manny Alaimo
Today Loser: David Cross
Thanks to Club Outdoors located in Mornington supplying the raffle prize.



12th May Attendance 43 Shooters, Weather: Rain and wind!

Overall Jackson Marriott
AA Hecta, Gavin Boyd, Andrew Ferrari
A Tiny, Kev taylor, Tony Kupsch
B Harry Johnston, Rob Collins, Trev Johnston
C Wombat, Damo Shale, Jake wisneske
Ladies Gold Sheree Chaplin
Vets Keith Calder, Russell Cleaver, Chris Carol
Juniors Carl Frieberg, Mason James, Cody Mccall


APRIL 7th 2018 - 50 DB 50PS

AA Colin Nelson, Andrew Fiek
A Lance Cazaly, George Sparey
B Charlie Cicciari, Thomas Mills
C Jake Wisneske, Wombat
AA Daniel Cleary, Hecta
A John Nelson, Lance Cazaly
B Trevor Johnston, Charlie Cicciari
C Jake Wisneske, Jen Crabbe

Thanks to all who come along. Dont forget you can follow scores live via MyClubMyScores



Len Heywood MARCH 2018

50tgt Balltrap

AA Chris Carol 43/50

A and Overall Daniel Cleary 48/50, Sam Francis 45/50

B Gavin Boyd 46/50, Cranky 46/50

C Kim Lide 40/50, Greg Sugars 39/50


50tgt Continental

AA Daniel Cleary 50/50 ,Cranky 49/50

A Sam Francis 49/50, Phil Lancaster 49/50

B 48/50 Wayne Neil 48/50, CharlieCicciari 46/50

C Andrey Zoric 42/50, Manny 39/50


Feb 10th 2018

100 TGTS Pointscore

Cranky AA & Overall 290/300, Daniel Cleary 288/300, Mason James 275/300

A Phil Lancaster 287/300, James Heyblom 281/300, John Taylor 279/300

B Charlie Cicciarri 277/300, Kim Lide 259/300, Peter Mac 258/300

C Harry Johnston 264/300, Trevor Johnston 262/300, Mark Dalia 252/300



Well done to the winners today at our 100tgt Sonny Cross event.
Jan 2018
Weather: wet n windy... 7 squads

Overall Cam Trevitt 100/100
AA Cam Trevitt, Dave Cross, Daniel Cleary
A Phil lancaster, Mick Rocca, Dave Allen
B Sam Francis, Stan Sawyer, Wayne Neil
C Harry Johnston, Mark Dahlia, Trev Johnston
Raffle Hecta / Todays Biggest Loser M. Peck


2017 Christmas Shoot Results


Double Barrell 30tgt
AA Dave Cross, John Williams, Cam Trevitt, John Keane, Dean Clark
A Olivia Comelli, Phillip Lancaster, Tiny, Paul Gray, Mick Rocca
B Stan Sawyer, Charlie Cicciari, Sam Francis, Jamie Cross, Arch
C Adrian Damore, Rob Collins, Russell Cleaver, Dave Keeling, Graham Boyd
AA Paul Drennan, Cranky, Hecta, Graham Reed, Chris Carol
A Mick Peck, Rod Lide, Olivia Comelli, Tiny, John Taylor
B Sam Francis, Kim Lide, Wayne Neil, Dave McHutchison, Arch
C Harry Johnston, Matt Williams, Trevor Johnston, Russell Cleaver, Adrian Thomas


AA Chris Carol, Lance Cazaly, Cranky, Graham Reed, Jackson Marriott
A Dave McGregor, Brian Frieberg, Tiny, Paul Gray, Ben Collins
B Wayne Neil, Kim Lide, Sam Francis, Stan Sawyer, Charlie Cicciari
C Dan Loughridge, Manny Alaimo, Russell Cleaver, Dave Keeling, Matt Williams.

Great day at the November shoot

Jack Ferrero Memorial 75tgt DB.

Sunshine and no wind! Raffle Peter Mac
8 Squads. Thanks to Wanda in the kitchen and Mason in the office &

 everyone else who made the day a good 1.

Overall & AA Cranky 81/81, Geoff Tunks 80/81
A Grade Neil Bakker 73/75, D. Macgregor 88/91
B Grade Brian Frieberg 73/75, Rob Cale 71/75
C Grade Mark D'Alia 68/75, Peter Mac 69/77
Len Heywood Balltrap 25tgt Full Speed Full Angles!
AA Colin Nelson 24/25, Cranky 22/25
A Troy Loveridge 25/28, John Taylor 24/28
B Charlie Cicciari 20/25, Jake Shale 21/27
C Manny Alaimo 22/25, Harry Johnston 19/27



October 25th Trap Shoot

Great day and weather for our Trap Shoot. 8 squads 42 shooters.
Thanks to all who chipped in on the day ran like clockwork. 2 events 50sb / 50 continental
Overall SB winner Phillip Lancaster.
AA Andrew Fiek, Cam Trevitt.
A P. Lancaster, Troy Loveridge
B Jake Shale , Sam Francis
C Damian Shale, Manny Alaimo
50tgt Cont
Overall Tony Ferlazzo Continental Cam Trevitt 50/50
AA Cam Trevitt, Colin Nelson.
A Paul Gray, Dave Macgregor
B Jake Shale, Sam Francis
C Andrey Zoric, John Robinson.
Our next Trap comp nov 11th see you there.

September 9th

10pr DR EO



Results from todays Doubles Day
Raffle - Warren Roberts.
10 pair double rise eye opener Chris carrol 19/20
Deauville Doubles. 1st Wayne Neil &Scott Wythe.
2nd Jackson Marriot & Kevin Taylor.
Deauville Triples 1st John Williams &Chris Street
2nd Lance Cazaly & Dean Clark
Overall 1st L. Cazaly & D. Clark.
2nd J. Williams & C. Street.
3rd Scott Wythe & Wayne Neil.
Thanks to all who come along and enjoyed the day.



Results from todays DTL competition. 48 shooters. Donald McCraith Memorial.
Overall Jackson Marriot
AA Gavin Boyd, D. Cross, Chris Street
A Olivia Comelli, Cam Trevitt, Mick Rocca
B Charlie Cicciari, Mason Sugars, J. Shale
C Mark D'Alia, Riley Sugars, Lawrence Horsfall
Vets John Nelson, Keith Calder
Juniors Carl Frieberg, Jerred Marsh
Thanks to the Sugars and McCraith Families for sponsoring this yearly shoot once more.




Results from the Peninsula Triangle Round 1 and today's winners: program 25hc 50db
Mornington have a comfortable lead of 82tgts heading into round 2 next Saturday at Nepean.
1st Jackson Marriot 21m
2nd Sam Francis 18m
3rd Carl Frieberg 19m
4th John Taylor 19m
5th Mick Rocca 19m
AA Paul Drennan, Colin Nelson, Cranky
A Lance Cazaly, Paul Gray, Cam Trevitt
B Tiny, Jake Shale, Charlie Cicciari
C Adrian D'amore, Tate Eagles, Andre Zoric

Thanks to the 8 Squads that came out to brave the cold.



10db 10sb 10ps 20db cont 20sb cont 20ps cont

Overall Hecta Crawford 146/150
AA C. Street, T. Teboneras, C. Nelson
A D. Macgregor, P. Gray, D. Comelli
B D. Allen, J. Cross, Tiny
C A. D'amore, D. Shale, A. Thorp
Vets K. Calder, Chris Carol, G. Sparey
Ladies Olivia Comelli, K. Lide, M. Sawyer
Juniors J. Marriot, J. Trevitt, Cooper Trevitt
Fantastic day and quickly becoming (THE) Shoot to be at!

Thanks to the Teboneras Family for the ongoing sponsorship with this event.




15tgt HC Eye Opener / 75tgt Jeff Lowndes Perpetual DB

Well done to todays winners. Conditions: No Wind but very Glary, not an easy day

Handicap Eye Opener Dave Allen

Main Event 75tgt Jeff lowndes db
Overall Colin Nelson 75/75
AA Colin Nelson, Jackson Marriot, L. Cazaly
A Phil Lancaster, M. Rocca, Pecky
B Mason James, Tiny, Dave Allen
C Jake Shale, Matt Williams, Stu James
D Gerred Marsh (Jed)


RESULTS from Trap shoot 8th April.

10tgt Pointscore Eyeopener Geoff Tunks, Sam Francis and Colin Nelson.
1st Event 50tgt DB
AA Keith Calder, Hecta, Andrew Ferrari
A Tony Kupsch, Denis Comelli, Cam Trevitt.
B Wayne Neil, Sam Francis, Charlie Cicciari.
C kim Lide, Ken Dixon, Jake Shale.
2nd Event 30pair Double Rise
AA Andrew Ferrari, Gavin Boyd, Colin Nelson
A Rod Lide, Ben Collins, John Nelson
B Wayne Neil, Tiny, Dave Allen.
C Ken Dixon, Kim Lide, Jake Shale.
Thanks to all who come along to enjoy the day with us.


March 100tgts POINTSCORE

AAgrade Gavin Boyd, Lance Cazaly, David Cross
AGrade Dennis Comelli, Carl frieberg, Dave Macgregor
Bgrade and Overall Olivia Comelli, Charlie Cicciari, Kevin Taylor
CGrade Kim Lide, Steven House, Dave Allen.
DGrade Jake Shale.

Few stats from today:
3 ppl shot the 100tgts. Lance, gavin, D . Cross
Steve Frankland to A grade
Dan king to A grade
Mason sugars to b grade
Olivia comelli A grade
Ben Collins to A grade
Kevin Taylor to A grade
Kim Lide 50break / cam trevitt 50,75 break.


Feb 11th 2017

Well done to todays winners. 7 squads.
Overall AA D. Cross, 198/200, C. Nelson 197/200, Cranky 192/200
A grade Roy O Hagan 193/200, Neil Bakker 188/200, Charlie Cicciari 188/200
B grade K. Taylor 192/200, C. Trevitt 189/200, M. Delahaye 178/200
C Grade J. Taylor 187/200, K.Lide 173/200, M. Sugars 173/200
Raffle winner Michelle Sawyer
Feb biggest loser A. Ferrari...


Sonny Cross Memorial Shoot


Well done to David Cross taking overall today at the Sonny Cross Memorial shoot. 99/100.

Results: AA David Cross Overall, Chris Street, Hecta
A Jackson Marriot, Dave Macgregor, D. Comelli
B Sam Francis, B. Frieberg, Kevin Taylor
C Cam Trevitt, Kim Lide, Mason Sugars


Thanks to all who attended our DTL xmas shoot saturday 10th Dec 2016 around 100 ppl with 80 odd shooters.

Results are as follows:

Hecta, Cranky, John Williams, Gav Boyd, Keith Calder
A GRADE Carl Frieberg, Dave Macgregor, Phil Lancaster, Geoff Polson, Jackson Marriot
B GRADE Sam Francis, Olivia Comelli, Steve Frankland, Kevin Taylor, Stan Sawyer
C GRADE Riley Sugars, Cam Trevitt, Mason Sugars, Arch, Wayne Jenkins
Adam DuRose, Cranky, Hecta, Andrew Ferrari, Fred Heinze
A GRADE Rod Lide, Geoff Polson, John Nelson, Greg Sugars, Dave Macgregor.
B GRADE Stan Sawyer, Sam Francis, Brian Frieberg, Buzz Waldron, Olivia Comelli
C GRADE John Robinson, Stui James, Riley Sugars, Corey Crouch, Dave Allen
John Williams, Adam DuRose, Cranky, David Cross, Keith Calder
A GRADE Geoff Polson, Jamie Cross, Phil Lancaster, Dave Macgregor, Carl Frieberg.
B GRADE Steve Frankland, Olivia Comelli, Brian Frieberg, Peter Mac, Sam Francis.
C GRADE Arch, Cam Trevitt, Toby Crouch, Marty Ramuz, Dave McHutchinson.

Todays Results 10tgt ps EO. 75db Jack Ferrero Memorial

NOVEMBER 5th 2016

E/O Cranky, Greg Sugars, John Williams, Dave Allen

AA and Overall Paul Drennan, Hecta
A Phil Lancaster, Jackson Marriot
B Stan Sawyer, Sam Francis
C Cam Trevitt, Mason Sugars

Tony Ferlazzo Continental Championship

Results 22.10.16 conditions: impossible lol

AA John Williams, Lance Cazaly
A Neil Bakker, Tiny Troy Loveridge
B Mitch Collins, Stan Sawyer
C Cam Trevitt, John Robinson

50 Continental
AA Keith Calder, John Williams
A Overall & Grade Rod Lide, Dave Macgregor
B Rob Cale, Mitch Collins
C Cam Trevitt, Andrew Ramuz (Marty)

Rod Lide shot the only possible 50/50 to take overall.


Winners of the Deauville Doubles / triples day on Saturday at the club Sep 10th 2016.

Event 1: DDoubles
G. Boyd / T. Kupsch
J. Williams / C. Street
Event 2: Triples
Hecta / C. Carol
G. Boyd / T. Kupsch
Overall winners pictured
1st T. Kupsch / G. Boyd
2nd Hecta / C. Carol
3rd J. Williams / C. Street


Donald McCraith Memorial 100tgt DB

August 13th 2016

Proudly Sponsored by the Sugars and McCraith Families

OVERALL - David Cross

AA 2nd Cranky 3rd Hecta
A Lance Cazaly, Tony Kupsch, Dean Clark
B Sam Francis, Kevin Taylor, Steve Frankland
C Mark Delahaye, Adrian Damore , Riley sugars
Veterans Keith Calder, John Nelson, Chris Carol
JUNIORS Carl Frieberg, Jackson Marriot
Raffle - Woody



Interclub Challenge between Nepean, Mornington & Cerberus. Others were welcome.


Weather - Perfect No Wind No Rain Blue Skies.

46 Shooters

Nepean 3084 / Mornington 3108 - 24 Point lead heading into Round 2 next weekend.

AA Scott Wythe, Paul Drennan, Colin Nelson
A Overall and grade win Tony Kupsch, Gavin Boyd, Lance Cazaly
B Carl Frieberg, Jackson Marriot, Charlie Cicciari
C Luca Grapiglia, Kevin Taylor, Sam Francis.
Raffle: Colin Quick.





Overall Andrew Fiek
AA Hecta, Dave Macgregor, Cranky
A Lance Cazaly, Greg Sugars, Mark Wright
B Marcus Horsfall, Tiny, Jackson Marriot
C Buzz, Andrey Zoric, Con Van Rossum
Veterans John Nelson, Mick Rocca, Russell Cleaver
Ladies Louise Gamon, Michelle Sawyer
Well done to the lucky raffle winner Marcus Horsfall
A huge thanks must go to the Teboneras Family for Sponsoring this event. Not only did they sponsor it they also donated a spit for a raffle prize & cooked us all lunch for free. A day Spiros Teboneras would of been very proud of. What a great family.
Thanks to all who attended and supported the day, this one will only get bigger!




Results from Saturday 9th April Trap Event.

 Well done to all the winners and thanks to those who chose our club for the day.
30db 30sb 30ps
AA Hecta, Lance Cazaly
A Dean Clark, John Williams
B Troy Loveridge, Marcus Horsfall
C Sam Francis, Jackson Marriot
Great day Great tgts Great Club!



E/O Hecta, Greg Sugars, John Williams

AA Lance Cazaly, Paul Drennan, John Williams

A Chris Street, Brian Frieberg, Mark Wright

B Troy Loveridge, Charlie Cicciari, Carl Frieberg

C Sam Francis, Matt Williams, Wayne Love





FEB 13th 2016 SHOOT 50DB / 50 PS Seperate Events

Results from todays 2 events.
Double barrel 50tgts
AA cranky, phil lancaster
A Rod lide, dean clark
B Stan Sawyer, Tiny troy loveridge
C Steve Lancaster, Charlie Cicciari
50tgt pointscore
AA Hecta, Cranky
A David Macgregor, Dean Clark
B Stan Sawyer, Troy Loveridge
C Charlie Cicciari, Matt Williams

Thanks to all who turned up and made it a most enjoyable day.



100TGT DB JAN 9th 2016

Eye Opener Cranky, Steve Zeigler, Gavin Boyd, Fred Heinze.

Overall P. Drennan, Fred Heinze, Woody.
A Chris Street, Lance Cazaly, Neil Bakker.
B Mark Wright, Peter Mac, Tiny.
C Kim Lide, Steve Lancaster, Matt Williams.




12th DEC 2015

30db , 30sb , 30ps

30tgt Double Barrel Event

AA Scott Wythe, Gavin Boyd, Colin Nelson, Stuart Lowery, Phil Lancaster

A Len Quirk, Lance Cazaly, Warren Roberts, Neil Bakker, Chris Street

B Mitch Collins, Carl Frieberg, Peter Mac, Mark Wright, Mark Delahaye

C Nigel Loughridge, Russell Cleaver, Shane Cull, Stephen Lancaster, Mason Sugars

30tgt Single Barrel event

AA Scott Wythe, Gavin Boyd, Hecta, Roger Duthie, Alan Keevers

A Lancy Cazaly , Mick Rocca, Tony Kupsch, Roy O Hagan, Steve Ziegler

B Carl Frieberg, Troy Loveridge, Mitch Collins, Stan Sawyer, Wayne McNeil

C Sam Francis, Andre Zoric, Riley Sugars, Mason Sugars, Russell Cleaver

30tgt Poinstscore

AA Michael McKernan, Hecta, Roger Duthie, Dave Macgregor

A Brian Frieberg, Chris Street, Lance Cazaly, Rod Lide, Len Quirk

B Mark Wright, Carl Frieberg, Buzz Waldron, John Nelson, Wayne McNeil

C Mason Sugars, Steve Lancaster, Shane Cull, Nigel Loughridge, Dave Keeling


Jack Ferrero Memorial Shoot 75tgt Event.


10tgt PS E/O
Eye Opener Dylan Cunningham, Cranky, Andrew Ferrari, Chris Street.
75tgt DB
AA 1st Cranky, Hecta , John Williams
A 1st & Overall Lance Cazaly, Tony Kupsch, Roy O Hagan
B Dylan Cunningham, Buzz Waldron, Rob Cale
C Charlie Cicciari, John Robinson, Riley Sugars
Also well done to Greg Sugars moving on upto A Grade.
Lock in the Trap Xmas shoot folks 12th Dec. Top Day!




Overall & AA Keith Calder

A Grade Tony Kupsch

B Grade Greg Sugars

C Grade Mason Sugars


GB Corsivia Sponsored Doubles Day.

September 12th 2015

10 pr double rise eye opener M. Peck

Deauville Doubles 20pr

1st Chris Street & John Williams 20/20

2nd Gavin Boyd & Tony Kupsch 19/20

3rd Cranky & Craig 19/20.


Deauville Triples 30pr

1st Gavin Boyd & Tony Kupsch 87/90

2nd Dave Macgregor & A. Ferrari 85/90

3rd Chris Street & John Williams 85/90


OVERALL TEAMS for both Events

1st Gavin Boyd / Tony Kupsch 106/110

2nd Chris Street / John Williams 105/110

3rd Dave Macgregor / A. Ferrari 104/110

Thanks to all who come along today and a HUGE thanks goes to GB Corsivia for Sponsoring the Event.


Donald McCraith 100tgtDB Memorial Shoot 8.8.2015

Weather Overcast - No Wind

Overall & AA John Keane, Paul Drennan, Phil Lancaster

A Grade Chris. Street, Neil Bakker, Gavin Boyd

B Mark Wright, Brittany Cole, Tony Kupsch

C Troy Loveridge, C. Gardiner, Mason Sugars

Veterans Manny Alaimo, John McCraith

Juniors Carl Frieberg, Conner Morgan



13th June 2015

Weather: Perfect. Sunny No wind & 17 Degrees, 56 Shooters.

Program: 10DB, 10SB & 10PS

20DB Continental, 20 SB Continental & 20PS Continental ran over 3 grounds

OVERALL: John Keane 147/150

AA Grade: Gold Medal Fred Heinze, Silver Medal Gavin Boyd, Bronze Medal Cranky

A Grade: Gold Lance Cazaly, Silver Neil Bakker, Bronze Marcus Horsfall

B Grade: Gold Greg Sugars, Silver Peter Mac, Bronze Patrick Keane

C Grade: Gold Cam Gardner, Silver Buzz, Bronze Shane Cull

Ladies Gold Amy Dykes, Silver Lisa Mammone

Veterans Gold Russell Cleaver, Silver Manny Alaimo